Headed by the District Chief Finance Officer; Mr. Oweka Simon

Strategic Objectives

To achieve the mission, the finance department focus on the following objectives

  • Coordinate of the preparation of council budget(s).  To ensure that all resources are are realised and expended according to the approved work plans
  • Collect ion of local revenue from all approved sources to improve service delivery
  • Revenue mobilization to increase the volume of revenue without increasing costs of collection
  • Design and put in place best practices geared towards increased local revenue mobilization and accountability for all resources
  • Put in place new better ways in revenue collection and administration procedures
  • To evolve possible reviews in legal, administrative and policy framework for revenue enhancement to increase revenue collection
  • Disseminating educative information geared towards improvement in revenue mobilization
  • Cash flow management within the entire District
  • Budget implementation and control to strengthen commitment control of resources
  • Ensuring that periodic financial reports are prepared and submitted to the relevant sectors and line ministries
  • Safe guarding shall safe guard District Assets and financial records

Priorities of the Finance Department

  • To improve revenue collection at a minimal cost the department needs to procure a double cabin pick up for revenue mobilisation
  • Re-introduce Revenue Task Force & Enforcement team
  • Procure furniture for the head of finance’s office
  • Train more staff on computer practices
  • Procure better filling shelves for safe and proper data storage
  • Implement the IFMIS system
  • Improve accountability by display of releases
  • Increase local revenue collection by contracting revenue collections from property rates, markets, taxi parks among others
  • Introduce New areas and increase revenue collection
  • Better book keeping by increased mentoring of accounts staff


Key Activities